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Actors Shine in This Year's Humber College Films

Henry Wong (

"I thought the shorts that worked best this year came from directors who trusted their actors and gave them proper breathing room to flesh out the stories. Toronto Youth Shorts alumni, Jevon Boreland, created one such example in To Kill A Secret, starring Mark Taylor of Flashpoint and Student Bodies fame. The short doesn't explore new territory narratively but audiences are drawn into this world because of the strong performances, which also includes those by Glenn Cashin and Melissa Cultraro."

Toronto filmmakers to watch at Reelworld Film Festival

Marina Hanna (

"Four friends face the most difficult decision of their lives one fateful night when a bachelor party goes wildly off track. Director Jevon Boreland skilfully turns up the tension, when it matters most, resulting in a thought-provoking character study that leaves audiences wondering what they would do if confronted with a deadly secret."

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