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Jevon Boreland
Director / Writer

Jevon Boreland is a Canadian Director/Screenwriter/Producer residing in Toronto, Canada, who loves to push the envelope with every film he works on. First introduced to the world of film at the age of 7, Jevon credits watching Wes Craven's "Scream" as the film that led him down his path as a creative storyteller. 


Jevon studied Business Administrative Marketing at Sheridan College while recording and performing his own music, having opened for acts such as Bow Wow and Girlicious to name a few. He then took his love for film and applied it to producing and directing some of his own music videos that would serve as short films. Jevon’s “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude drove him to graduate from the Film and Television program at Humber College in Toronto where he studied and built on his passion for filmmaking. Always thriving to be the best he can be, Jevon continues to gain the most experience possible from working on small independent projects to popular big budget television series. 

Jevon is the recipient of the 2019 Meridian Artists Award for scriptwriting but his recognitions do not stop there. Since his directorial documentary Stripped released in 2018, Jevon has garnered 13 official selections, 5 nominations and 4 awards, 2 of which are for Best Director. Jevon has also received the Award of Excellence from Canada Shorts Film Festival, an official selection at the Top Indie Film Awards for his 2017 film Freedom Roulette, and the Remi Award for the 2018 fantasy short Dawn that he produced and starred in as the voice of ‘Milo’.

Now the co-founder of Dark Wolf Pictures, his passion for high emotion, story, and character driven films influence his filmmaking. Jevon’s latest directorial film is a short drama titled To Kill A Secret (2019) starring Mark Taylor. He is constantly writing innovative narrative material and has numerous projects ready to put forth, one being a feature length action/drama he plans to direct titled CREAM

Jacob Rocha

Drawn to filmmaking from an early age, Jacob is fascinated with all aspects of production. A recent graduate of the renowned Film & Television Production Program at Humber College, Jacob’s majors include Production Management and Cinematography. While he aspires to be a Cinematographer, Jacob used his planning and organizational skills to help bring To Kill A Secret (2019) to the screen, marking his producing debut.


He prides himself on his technical knowledge when approaching both camera and lighting, but realizes there is so much more to learn and he looks forward to the on-going learning that comes with collaboration in media production.


To date, Jacob has worked on several short films and PSA’s as Director of Photography, and highlights his most recent work on the short suspense Red (2019), as being one of his most creative learning experiences to date as the production was a night shoot.


Currently Jacob is working with Dark Wolf Pictures as a freelance Producer and Cinematographer. Jacob’s films have screened at multiple film festivals across North America.

Anthony Hunos
Director of Photography

"Hustle like an underdog" - the words that Anthony Hunos strongly lives by. A Toronto-based cinematographer, director and editor, his love for filmmaking derived from his childhood hobby of shooting and editing homemade videos. Eager to turn his passion into something more, he graduated from the renowned Film and Television Production program at Humber College where he further honed his talents as a creative.

In 2018, Anthony won Best Cinematography at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards for his work on Stripped. He was later nominated for Best Cinematography at the 2018 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. His most recent and notable work includes To Kill A Secret in which he won Best Cinematography for a Short Thriller at the 2020 FFTG Awards. Anthony also works in television, with Insight Productions' Big Brother Canada being one of his latest.

As the co-creator of Dark Wolf Pictures, Anthony’s goal is to tell authentic stories. More importantly, Anthony aims to inspire and strengthen Asian representation in the film industry and he hopes to be a continuous part of pushing diversity forward.

Maria Teresa Rossi

Maria Teresa Rossi is a proud graduate of the Film and Television Production program at Humber College. During her time there she instantly found a passion for film editing and made sure to take on this role for every major project over the course of the three-year program.


She is most proud of her work on the Dark Wolf Pictures film To Kill a Secret (2018). Working on this film was an incredible opportunity that provided endless options and is an experience she will always look back on fondly. In her graduating year, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to direct a thesis project based on her own written work entitled Lola Jones (2018).


Maria Teresa is currently working with TLN Media Group as a Video Editor and Camera Operator and can't wait to see where her career takes her next. She is now a proud member of Dark Wolf Pictures and looks forward to a bright future with the company.

Lora Bidner
Score Composer

Lora Bidner is a compelling, three-time SOCAN foundation award winning, Canadian screen composer, singer-songwriter, and multi instrumentalist. Her original song "3,000 Volts" from her 2015 album To the North won the 2018 Colleen Peterson Songwriting award and was nominated for the 2016 Independent Music Award. Having completed a Masters of Music Technology at the University of Toronto in 2017, Lora followed up her studies with a composer residency at the Canadian Film Center in the Slaight Family Music Labin 2018. 

Having scored for over 60 short films, documentaries, advertisements, video games and plays, Bidner's scores have featured in several award winning films and have screened at festivals like Hot Docs, TIFF Next Wave, WIFT Showcase, NFFTY, Fantasia Film Festival and many more. Lora is currently scoring for several film productions. To hear some of her work, visit

Patricia Rastrullo
Casting Director

Patricia Rastrullo is a Toronto-based Canadian-Filipino filmmaker. She is a Western University Honours graduate and is currently enrolled in Film Studies courses at Ryerson University. She most recently took on the role as Casting Director on the thought-provoking film To Kill A Secret (2019). She is also a member of the trailblazing Dark Wolf Pictures production company and is excited to continue creating exceptional and riveting films with the rest of the crew. 

Patricia was heavily involved in the development of the multi-award winning documentary Stripped (2018) and was the Event Coordinator for the successful Director’s Cut Premiere screening for the documentary. She has also worked in various departments such as story editing, script supervision and wardrobe. She continues to expand her repertoire on and off set in hopes of becoming a multifaceted filmmaker.

Being a two-time Cancer Survivor has shown her that you beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live by. She is extremely grateful for every healthy day she has and she hopes to spend most of those days pursuing her love for film by working with other ambitious and innovative filmmakers.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 8.55.00 AM.png
Mitchell McEwan
Assistant Director

Mitchell McEwan was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. Mitchell graduated Humber College in April of 2019 from the Film and Television Production Program with honours in all six of his semesters. He just recently finished an internship at Insight Productions where he got to work on the 2019 Juno Awards and the 7th annual Canadian Screen Awards.


Mitchell has most recently written and directed a multi-award winning Public Service Announcement for the Trek for Teens Foundation where they look to raise funds and create awareness for homeless youth across Canada. Besides directing the 2018 comedy Constitution Check, he recently camera operated the 2018 short documentary Stripped, which has won numerous awards throughout different festivals around the world. He also worked as the first assistant director on the Dark Wolf Pictures 2019 films To Kill A Secret and Red. Mitchell was also the editor and supervising sound editor on Red.


Mitchell is a partner at Dark Wolf Pictures and works closely with his collaborators to produce films and content for the company. His dream is to become a director that is well respected and well-known throughout the industry. 

Billie Stefan
Production Manager

Billie Stefan is a filmmaker and a recent graduate of the Humber College Film & Television Production program. In his last year at Humber, Billie had the opportunity to work on several different productions, taking on the roles of Production Manager, First Assistant Director, as well as Producing.


Since his time at Humber, Billie has currently been working on several different projects across Toronto as a Third Assistant Director.

Aly Musso
Production Designer

Aly Musso is a filmmaker from Toronto, ON, who has recently graduated from Humber College’s Film and TV Production program. Though her interests and experiences span many departments, art department and post production sound are where she excels. Aly has been working independently since 2014 and has since expanded her knowledge through Humber, both in the classroom, and on set.


Aly’s art style has been considered surreal, which made the real-life setting of To Kill A Secret a very welcomed challenge. More of her set design work can be seen in the Humber short film, My Darling, and her sound editing work can be heard in Humber’s shorts Lola Jones, Landed Citizen, Aftermath, and My Darling.

Mary Guletskaya
Art Director

Mary Guletskaya is an aspiring Cinematographer, VFX Editor and Art Director. She loves to apply her practical and academic knowledge and skills into work on set or in post production. She is passionate, driven and dedicated in the work that she does.

Micheal Gouvis
Camera Operator

Micheal is a Freelance Filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario who specializes in camera department duties such as cinematography, camera operating, assistant camera, and data management. Micheal has a great understanding of film-making techniques and content creation standards in today's ever growing entertainment market. Using all these skills is the best way Micheal has found to tell a rich and compelling story in today’s industry.

Josh Bester
Sound Recordist

Josh is a Humber College graduate of the Film and Television Production program and an aspiring Sound Recordist. He has worked on many short films as a part of school in the sound department, including Experience MachineLola Jones, and of course To Kill a Secret. The project itself proved an interesting challenge that Josh felt he was very capable of.


He is currently working toward working as a freelance sound recordist and staying up to date on the industry.

Susana Vasquez
Script Supervisor

Susana Vasquez is a Latino-American film and video editor. Born and raised in Colombia, she moved to Toronto to pursue a career in filmmaking. She is a proud Honours graduate of Humber College's Film and Television Production program.


Susana was most recently the editor for the short dramas Where Monsters Live (2019) and First to Last (2018). She also edited the short comedy Desperate Church Wives (2019) and the short documentary Nature’s Call (2018). Susana also has experience working as an Assistant Editor, and has also done script supervision for various shorts, including To Kill A Secret (2019), Red (2019) and Oscar (2019).


Susana continues to work in the industry with a strong focus in post-production. Her ultimate dream is to create amazing films that are viewed all over the world.

Donna O'Brien-Sokic
Executive Producer
Kathleen Climie
Executive Producer
Margaret Birt
Key Grip
Onyeka Oduh
Data Management Technician
Joel Lyons
BTS Videographer
Andrew Stevenson
Executive Producer
Kai Ferris
Stunt Coordinator
Talia Woodland
1st Assistant Camera
Peter Durst
Boom Operator
Kijhai Boreland
BTS Videographer
Robb Wright
Executive Producer
Tyler Berkeley
Nives Dzebic
2nd Assistant Camera
Felipe Gonzalez
Boom Operator
Douglas Joya
BTS Photographer
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